International Mystery Box Planting Day

As voted on by the boxing public, October 7, 2006 was chosen as a day of mystery box planting.

On this page are those contributions that have been emailed to us. Thanks to all of those boxers that have chosen to plant a mystery box - whether they are located here or in other clue repositories around the internet.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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The boxes below are put in order of the emails as we received them after announcing the creation of this page. Thanks to Queen B of The B's for suggesting we do this!

Friend & Foe by The B's

Our Mr. Brooks by BookWorm

Hag An' Pet by The Crayola Posse

Mystery of Black Bean, the Dreaded Pirate by night writer

Final Words by Rosmarinus

Beverwyck by Lock Wench

Mystery Trio by Bluebird

Maine Blues Redux by Sadie & Russ

Bandaid's Plant a Mystery Letterbox by Bandaid

Love Denied by Chunna

Is It a Tree? by Rubaduc

I Walked How Far? by Rubaduc

Waring by Rubaduc

Tunnel Snake by Gizz

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of Baskervilles by Alaska Homeschoolmommy

3 Clues by Turtle Run

"For the Halibut" by Lightnin' Bug

Return of the Trail of Tears by The Little Foxes

The Gate by Flutterby

Awful Big Birdhouse by Murray 7

The Lady or the Tiger? by Archimedes Screw

Arch Rivals Tennessee Mystery Box by the 4 little piggies

No Limits by Flit girl

Our Mascot Series - Go Eagles by Flit girl

Fort Maloney Mystery by So Hill Hendersons

House Hunting by Patrick & Amy

The Case of the Vanishing Water by Da Kool Kats

Oompa Loompa by Booknut

Parking Lot Labyrinth by Wildhair

Jimmy Hoffa Sleeps with the Fishes by noydb

Mimbres Mystery Box by MayEve

Martial Arts: Quickness by Poison Ivy

H-burg by Tina Treason

Get LOST by Tdyans

Cache Vault by Mn8x

Matthew 4:19 by Daisy and Onslow

Amazing Circles by castles16

Cat Tail by letterboxingbee

Whispers of Taps by CapeCodLetterboxer

Mohawk Mystery by SapphireBerry

2HFS0OIP0NTO7DRAT by Music Woman

1963 VW Truck by Music Woman

Smilodon Fatalis by Wyvern

QKA LB by peace balance

All Shook Up by Doglvrs

The Church-Key by Connfederate

Religion in a Bottle by Pink Panther

Solitude by Mark & Sue

Eagle's Eye View by Mark & Sue

Fresh Fried Fish by Lady Slpa

Mystery of the Entwives by donutz716

Andover Fall by Choi

Sceloporus undulatus by the flory family

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